Cost of Asbestos Removal

Although all property owners are conscious about the health hazards caused by airborne asbestos fibres, their main concern lies in the cost of asbestos removal.

Unaware of the true costs involved, most property owners tend to assume that these removal services are expensive and unaffordable.
Asbestos removal costs can vary based on many factors like:

* Type of asbestos concerned
* Quantity of asbestos required to be removed
* Location and heights of the asbestos
* Location of property
* Accessibility
* Obstacles along fence line
* Steepness of roof slopes
In order to estimate the cost, it is essential to know the quantity of asbestos required to be removed from your property. The pricing of removal is based per square meter and the cost reduces if the amount of asbestos to be removed increases. It is always advisable to get the professionals to assess the amount of asbestos on your property and preferably get a combined quote for the removal. Merging multiple services like gutter and roof removal of asbestos will most likely work out cheaper as the entire set up work can be combined. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know the pricing of multiple removal of asbestos from your house.

Guide to identifying and handling low density asbestos fibre board (LDB)

Clearance Inspections and Air Testing:

After completion of the removal work, a clearance inspection has to be conducted by a licensed assessor to verify the safety of the area, according to Australian rules and regulations. Verification methods of the asbestos clearance inspection include:

* Visual clearance inspection – A close and thorough visual examination of the area to ensure that the asbestos removal work has been properly conducted and free of all asbestos debris.

* Asbestos air monitoring – Although air monitoring is not always required, it is highly recommended for this test to be carried out.
For a clearance certificate to be provided it is essential for the air monitoring results to be below 0.01 f/ml and/or there should be no visual remains of asbestos.
Clearance Inspections and Air Monitoring have to be conducted by an independent licensed assessor. We can arrange these services for you at an approximate rate given below:

* Independent clearance inspection – $350.00+GST
* Air monitoring – $500.00+GST per day

Firstly you need to arrange for a site inspection. This will be required if you wish to obtain a formal quote or an accurate price for asbestos removal.

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